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General enquiries

Level 5
50 Flinders Street
Adelaide SA 5000

GPO Box 1815
Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: 1800 752 664

Assessment of development proposals and major developments

For enquiries about development proposal, including major developments and environment impact assessment:

Phone: 1800 752 664, option 3

Building policy services

For enquiries about building codes and standards, registration of private certifiers and swimming pool and spa safety.

Phone: 1800 752 664, option 1

Development Assessment Commission (DAC) enquiries

Phone: 1800 752 664, option 4

For payment of DAC fees contact Planning services.

Development Plans and amendments

For enquiries about development plans and amendments, zoning and rezoning, and local heritage enquiries.

Phone: 7109 7007

Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC) enquiries

Phone: 7109 7009

Investment Team

For enquiries about the pre-lodgement service and case management of development proposals.

Phone: 1800 752 664, option 3

Land division and EDALA enquiries

Phone: 1800 752 664, option 2

Open space, strategic projects and planning & development fund

Phone: 7109 7090

Planning data and maps

For enquiries about population and land forecasting, socio-economic data and maps, and spatial information.


Planning reform

For enquires on the implementation of the new Planning Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.


Planning services - publications and fee payments

For publication sales, payment of fees and charges including open space contributions, and land and business agents Section 7 enquiries.

Visit: Level 5, 50 Flinders Street
Phone: 1800 752 664, option 5

Strategic Regional Planning

For enquiries regarding The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide 2017 Update.