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Lodge a Submission

Interested persons are now able to make written representations and submit them online on any matter currently on public consultation.  A submission must be received before the conclusion of the public consultation period. Submissions received after the closing date will not be considered.  All submissions received are public documents and will be made available for viewing on the SA Planning Portal following the conclusion of the consultation period.  However, the online form will provide options regarding confidentiality where appropriate.

An acknowledgement will be sent to your email address confirming receipt of your submission.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Submitter Contact Details

Note: The details supplied above will be recorded as the person/organisation who lodged the submission.

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Submission Details

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The following questions are suggestions only and there is no requirement to complete them as part of your submission. If you prefer not to answer them, you may skip to the comments and supporting documents section of the form to complete your submission.

1. Do you support the overall objective of the DPA? view objective
Yes No Unsure
2. Are you directly affected by the DPA as a landowner / occupier?
Yes No Unsure
3. Do you agree with the intent of this DPA to promote medium rise (between 3 to 6 storeys) mixed-use development on those sites being rezoned by the DPA?
Yes No Unsure
4. In order to promote development that includes a mix of residential and other uses (which may include uses ranging from retail, offices, through to cafes), the DPA provides for variation of policy at the local level to promote a different form and mix of development on each of the sites being rezoned. Do you agree with this approach of the DPA? view example

Yes No Unsure
5. Do you support the maximum building heights envisaged for the site(s) affected by the DPA?
Yes No Unsure
6. In response to interface concerns like overshadowing, visual privacy and the bulk and scale of development, the DPA provides policy to address these issues. Do you agree with this statement?
Yes No Unsure
3. Do you think the changes proposed by the DPA to design policy will promote more appropriately designed medium rise development within the Urban Corridor Zone?
Yes No Unsure
4. Do you think the changes proposed by the DPA will improve any of the following with regard to new development in the Urban Corridor Zone?
- Building Appearance and design (eg. better presentation, materials used and contextual design)
Yes No Unsure (add comments below)
- Street Interface (eg. improved streetscape and relationship with the public realm / space)
Yes No Unsure (add comments below)
- Zone Interface (eg. better transition to lower rise residential areas)
Yes No Unsure (add comments below)
- On-site landscaping (eg. the durability of plantings)
Yes No Unsure (add comments below)
- Other design matters including public safety, access, communal storage and waste disposal
Yes No Unsure (add comments below)
5. Are there any design issues you consider that the DPA has not addressed but should?
Yes No Unsure

Please note: If you have attached any documents these will upload when you click the 'Lodge Submission' button.
Please leave some time for this upload process and do not refresh or close this page until you see a submission confirmation message


Other Lodgement Methods

  • Post: GPO Box 1815, Adelaide 5001
  • In person: Level 5 50 Flinders Street, Adelaide 5000
  • Contact Us