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Register your interest - Help shape our new planning system

10 Aug 2017

Leading up to the commencement of our new planning system the state is keen to work with practitioners in developing various elements and how we transition them across.

The department will use a variety of methods to partner with the planning community and will include working groups, workshops, one-on-one meetings, discussion panels and online feedback. To enable this, the department is looking to establish a pool of practitioners they can call upon to participate in such forums over the coming 12 months.

Drawing from a group of practitioners with diverse backgrounds, experience and knowledge, will ensure the new planning system is informed by a range of views and not just a select few and that those eager and qualified to get involved, are able to. The practitioner pool will be used to inform and assist in the development and implementation of various aspects of the new system e.g. the planning and design code, instruments and ePlanning elements etc.

In registering your interest, you will be asked to highlight your particular areas of expertise and interest. Registering your interest is essential to be considered for more embedded work with the department e.g. secondments.

The expression of interest is open from Friday 11 August 2017 to Friday 25 August 2017. An update will be sent to all nominees in early September.

‚ÄčThis is a unique opportunity to help shape the new planning system and we encourage you to take the opportunity.

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