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Improving access to valuable information for the development industry

The free map-based online application Property Location Browser (PLB) is a valuable tool used by practitioners in the planning and development industry for identifying ownership and tenure information for new building and development opportunities. It integrates to a number of systems including a direct link to the South Australian Integrated Land Information system.

Its functionality has now been expanded to include:

  • planning and building layers such as land parcels, zoning, land division applications, heritage places, environment and food production areas, design wind speeds and bushfire protection areas
  • a range of public infrastructure
  • ability to access survey mark coordinates and plan references
  • capability to search for land division applications using a range of criteria
  • user specified buffering features
  • utilising satellite, street, topographic and a hybrid of maps for the base layer
  • printing of maps.

PLB can be accessed from


Page last modified Tuesday, 23 January 2018