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Accredited Professionals Discussion Draft Released

Introduction of the Accredited Professionals Scheme is a key component of the new planning system created under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016. The planned scheme will ensure that individuals and businesses undertaking development can have complete confidence in the professionals making development decisions.

The Accredited Professionals Scheme will bring better decisions, better recognition and more choice for professionals and applicants when engaging with the development process in South Australia.

Professionals under the planned scheme will need to meet prescribed requirements for qualifications, experience and specialist knowledge relevant to the type of work they are performing.

The community expects these professionals to uphold a high standard of ethical conduct— and for the same standards to apply to planning and building professionals in both the public and private sectors. The proposed scheme introduces a new code of conduct, improved management of complaints and investigations, and a required program of continuing professional development.

Consultation on the Accredited Professionals Scheme discussion paper (PDF, 2167 KB) has closed.  A summary of what has been heard during the engagement process on the paper will be released in May 2018.

Page last modified Tuesday, 1 May 2018