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Pre-lodgement Case Management

The pre-lodgement service was introduced to development in metropolitan Adelaide to improve design and planning outcomes. The pre-lodgement service is a free, voluntary and confidential process in which proponents and key decision-makers work together to streamline development applications. The service aims to:

  • reduce assessment time of development proposals
  • provide progressive certainty by resolving planning and design issues up front
  • facilitate pre-lodgement agreements that eliminate the need for agency referrals
  • allow proponents to obtain feedback from DAC during the development of their proposal
  • advise proponents on how to submit a complete application when and where as required.

Where the Pre-lodgement Service Applies

The pre-lodgement service is available for developments that meet the criteria below.

View map of areas eligible for the pre-lodgement service (PDF, 993 KB)

Apply for the Pre-lodgement Service

You can request the pre-lodgement service at any stage of your proposal by making an appointment with the department's investment team. Please note the service is usually most effective when accessed  in the early stages of a proposal.

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Level 5, 50 Flinders Street
Adelaide SA 5000
Phone: (08) 7109 7161

Page last modified Wednesday, 16 August 2017