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Planning for Housing and Lifestyle Choice

Our vision

South Australia has over 1.5 million people, living in cities, suburbs, regions and rural communities. The needs of our population are changing and South Australia’s housing supply is moving with the times.

Planning for future growth and instilling design quality practices in all we do allows us to offer a wider range of living options to suit the lifestyles of all South Australians. This requires encouraging alternative housing types beyond our plentiful supply of detached houses and multi-storey apartments.

For example, providing a range of housing options such as ‘next generation granny flats’, row terraces and laneway housing, will give older people more opportunities to ‘age in place’ and give young people the chance to get their foot on the housing ladder. In addition, as the number of single and two person households continues to rise and a greater percentage of the state’s workforce commutes across or into Greater Adelaide, it makes sense to focus new housing in areas close to existing and new high quality public transport infrastructure.

How are we achieving our vision?

Have your say on current planning initiatives by visiting Engagement and Consultation.

Why is this important?

These snapshots help explain the South Australian context driving this vision. See more at Snapshot SA.



Bowden has transformed the lives of hundreds of South Australians.

Situated on a former industrial precinct next to the parklands to the north-west of Adelaide, Bowden is a residential development on 16.3 hectares that is a destination for many home buyers. More than 550 homes have been sold and more than 3,500 residents will move in over the coming decade.

For these South Australians, Bowden presents the benefits of good planning, a commitment to sustainable living and a focus on innovation.


Design Quality Initiative

Good design strikes the right balance between innovation and protecting the things that contribute to an area’s history and character. The Office for Design and Architecture SA have prepared draft Design Guidelines to influence new development to positively contribute to neighbourhood character as well as deliver well-designed homes to support our need for greater housing choice.

The state government has been working in partnership with Councils to ‘road test’ the Guidelines in Prospect and Onkaparinga.

This will be the first in a suite of design guidelines that focus on:

  1. Housing
  2. Master Planning
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Adaptive Re-use
  5. Aged Care
  6. Tall Buildings

Housing ChoiceAccommodating changing, shrinking households

Living AffordabilityEnsuring affordable living in addition to affordable housing

Public Open SpaceBecoming more important the more we grow

Active Travel Allowing for affordable travel options and a healthy lifestyle

Population GrowthAccommodating growth and new South Australians

Housing GrowthEncouraging new dwellings in planned growth areas

Adelaide CityThe vibrant heart of South Australia

NeighbourhoodsCreating healthy, walkable and affordable places to live

Public TransportProviding affordable transport choices to communities

DemographicsSupporting our changing and ageing population

Sport and RecreationProviding opportunities to get more active

Car OwnershipThe primary mode for South Australians to get around

Greater AdelaideThe engine room of South Australia's economy

Planning ReformsAttracting new investment to Metropolitan Adelaide

Land SupplyProviding enough land for future growth

EmploymentMeeting the needs of changing and rising industries

PortsLinking our economy interstate and internationally

Natural LandscapesProtecting and preserving for future prosperity

Changing ClimateBuilding resilience for future generations

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