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Public Register

The Development Assessment Commission is required by state legislation to make its register of Development Applications lodged, assessed and/or determined by the state planning authority available for public inspection. The land use and land division registers are a combined single search.

The Public Register provides information such as:

  • Applicant’s name and address
  • Application lodgement date
  • Application site address
  • The description of the application
  • The agency referrals made in respect to an application
  • The decision made and, if applicable, any conditions of consent or approval


Searching this register will not provide access to the planning drawings or technical documentation lodged as part of the application or any council advice, public representations, state agency referral responses or internal planning reports. A separate Freedom of Information request will need to be made for these documents. Please refer to DPTI FOI Website.

The Register contains Land Use applications from 2010 and Land Division applications from 2003.   Please contact the Assessment Branch for Applications lodged prior to these dates.

Major Development application information is available separately here.

Please contact your local Council to access applications lodged and determined by them.

For further information please contact the Assessment Branch on 7109 7060 or Planning Services on (08) 1800 752 664 (Select Option 3).

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Page last modified Monday, 8 January 2018