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Metropolitan Adelaide Investment

Adelaide is consistently rated as one of the world's most liveable cities. Our affordable and relaxed lifestyle is a major competitive advantage for the State. This helps generate employment that attracts young people to live and work in our vibrant city.

New investment map

This map corresponds with the investment summary table below. Click on the numbers to view information about individual investments.

Summary of new investment in Metropolitan Adelaide
Investment type Type description Total Value 
Constructed projects that have been approved by DAC/IMDAC/PADAC that have completed construction 26 $1.38 billion
Under construction projects that have been approved by DAC/IMDAC/PADAC that are currently under construction 25 $2.55 billion
Approved only (not yet in construction) projects that have been approved by DAC/IMDAC/PADAC and are not yet in construction 59 $2.31 billion
TOTAL projects that have been approved by DAC/IMDAC/PADAC and have valid planning approval 110 $6.24 billion

Updated 29 November 2016

Recent planning changes 

Progressive reforms introduced since 2008 are reflected in recent Development Plan Amendments for Adelaide City and Inner Metropolitan Adelaide, and include:

* Developments over $10 million in Adelaide City, developments over 4 storeys within an Urban Corridor Zone of an identified Inner Metropolitan Suburb or developments over $3 million within the Port Adelaide Regional Centre Zone of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.


Please direct all inquiries to the Investment Team of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.