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Planning Reforms

South Australia’s new, 21st century planning system is on the way

The passage of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 began the biggest modernisation of South Australia’s planning system in over 20 years and builds upon the important recommendations made by the Expert Panel on Planning Reform in 2014. To read more more about our approach to creating a better South Australian planning system, please visit Strategic Context.

The new laws - passed by parliament in April 2016 and came into action on 1 April 2017 - have paved the way for a host of improvements to the planning system which will be fully up and running by 2020. To track the progress towards our new planning system, please visit Implementation or contact us at

New planning tools

Our new planning system includes many new planning tools that together will achieve better planning outcomes for South Australia's economy, environment and communities. These planning outcomes in strategy, assessment and policy are shown in the boxes below.

Click the buttons below to learn more about a planning tool that is either:  

Currently operational

Under development

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