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Phase Two

The second phase of South Australia’s new planning system comes into effect early 2020. 

In 2020, the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 will became operational for all rural councils with small towns and settlements (PDF, 394 KB), revoking relevant country development plans.

The implementation of Phase Two is the second milestone in delivering a new planning and development system for the state by July 2020.

On 1 July 2019, Phase One of the PDI Act implementation became operational for outback areas

Revised consultation dates for the Planning and Design Code (Phase Two and Phase Three)

In response to feedback, consultation on Phase Two and Phase Three of the Planning and Design Code has been merged into a single consultation to allow councils to review the Code policy, as it will apply to the State, in its entirety.

Consultation will commence in October 2019.

Revised implementation date for the Planning and Design Code (Phase Two)

The Planning and Design Code will be implemented for Phase Two council areas in April 2020, instead of November 2019.

There is no change to the implementation date for Phase Three council areas which is July 2020.

Changes to council areas included in implementation (Phase Two and Phase Three)

Phase Two of the PDI Act will be now be implemented to rural council areas excluding regional towns and cities. Small towns and settlements are still captured by Phase Two.

Regional towns and cities are now captured in Phase Three of the PDI Act implementation, which also rolls out to greater Adelaide council areas.

Areas impacted

Phase Two will see the new planning system switch on in all rural councils with small towns and settlements (PDF, 394 KB). These communities, councils and industry professionals will all use the new planning system under the PDI Act.

View a map of regional council areas included in Phase 2 (PDF, 620 KB)

How you can get involved

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure will work closely with relevant councils to convert existing Development Plans to the Planning and Design Code.

You can login to Council Connect as a local government planner

All South Australians will have the opportunity to have their say on the draft Planning and Design Code during a public consultation period.

Have your say on public consultation matters

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