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Building Reform

An improved system to deliver safe, high quality buildings for our state

An effective building regulatory system ensures that owners and occupants have full confidence that all buildings are compliant, safe and constructed to a high standard.

Clear, consistent and effective rules that hold industry professionals, decision makers and enforcement authorities accountable for ensuring compliance will benefit the wider community and support investment across South Australia.

A fact sheet on the building reform (PDF, 440 KB) is now available.

The current development system is being transitioned to the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016, with development of new regulations and a range of statutory instruments underway.

As this takes place, the opportunity presents to review and improve the building regulatory system to support the planning reform measures already underway.

The intent is to deliver a positive improvement in the operation of the design, certification and construction industry, with a focus on compliance with the National Construction Code, to support the delivery of a high quality built environment for the community.

The scope of this regulatory work is broad and falls under the two key themes of delivering clear and modern building rules, and ensuring high standards of oversight and compliance.

In addition, the reform will also consider the outcomes of the recently completed Shergold and Weir national review into compliance and enforcement.

Modernising our building system will include:

  • Identifying key issues where standards in the National Construction Code should be the same for South Australia, and reducing variations where possible
  • Converting existing Ministers Specifications to new Ministerial Building Standards, under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016
  • Identifying the key or unique local issues requiring new standalone regulations for South Australia, and creating these regulations

Modernising our building system will include reviewing how state and local authorities maintain oversight and regulation of building rules and standards. This will include:

  • Creating a new model for improving performance, integrity and accountability under the new legislation
  • Conducting a comprehensive review of existing procedures for complaints, investigation, compliance and enforcement
  • Creating new council inspection rules
  • Identifying what other issues and regulations should be incorporated into General Regulations for the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 and creating these regulations

Detailed process and timeframes for the work to reform South Australia’s building system will be released soon on the SA Planning Portal.

Close consultation will take place with a wide range of bodies as the work progresses.

The Building Committee will also provide oversight on the building reform.


Mid 2018
Commence investigation into key issues

Early 2018
Project scoping


To learn more about reforming the building system phone 1800 752 664 or e-mail

Page last modified Thursday, 23 August 2018