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Strategic Context

South Australia is recognised globally for its vibrant cities and communities, affordable living, premium food and wine, pristine beaches and unique natural environment. The state planning system stimulates investment, growth and opportunity that attracts more people to live, spend time and work in South Australia. As South Australia evolves, so too must our planning system.

Our new 21st century planning system will attract competitive investment and jobs and protect our state’s globally renowned food, wine and tourism regions. It will further cement South Australia as a great place to live, work and visit, enabling communities to have a greater say in shaping cities, towns, public spaces and world-class facilities.

South Australia’s modernised planning system will be flexible, transparent and easier to use. There will be a collaborative vision setting out long-term goals and priorities for our state, alongside simple rules setting out where and what kind of development can take place. The way decisions are made will be revolutionised with less red tape a faster and more transparent turnaround of decisions by a range of professional assessment bodies.

Importantly, our planning system will move online to reduce costs for applicants, councils and ratepayers, make it simpler to lodge and track applications, and to provide a central hub of open information, maps and data supporting our state to grow.

Page last modified Monday, 6 August 2018