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Guidelines for Regional Plans and Joint Planning Arrangements released

8 February 2019

The review of the planning system identified a desire for a more regionalised approach to local government structures for planning. Accordingly the PDI Act provides the opportunity for groups of Councils to perform certain functions as a Joint Planning Board (JPB), established by way of a Planning Agreement entered into with the Minister for Planning. The only mandated function of a JPB is preparation of a Regional Plan for the area of the Board, although other functions can be undertaken, such as appointing a regional development assessment panel and undertaking the process to make regionally relevant amendments to the Planning and Design Code.

The Department has been running a pilot project with 8 groups of Councils, as well as the Local Government Association and the Office of Local Government, to explore how Planning Agreements and JPBs will work. The pilot is now complete and guideline documents are now available to assist Councils that are seeking to form a JPB. These consist of:

In parallel the Department has also undertaken a project to provide guidance and the preparation and content of Regional Plans, and has prepared the following:

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