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Policy position on heritage & character

2 May 2019

The State Planning Commission has outlined the ways in which the new planning system can protect heritage and character in our community and improve the design quality of our built environment

The State Planning Commission is committed to addressing community concerns around the preservation of heritage and character in our neighbourhoods and the design quality of our built environment.

To this end, and in preparation for the release of Phase Two and Phase Three of the Planning and Design Code (the Code), a number of documents are now available that outline the Commission’s policy position on these key matters.

These documents describe how the new Code will protect our heritage and character places and how the planning system as a whole can elevate the role of design to achieve safe, functional, accessible, connected and sustainable neighbourhoods and towns. These documents are available below.

South Australians will have an opportunity to have their say on these policy positions when the next phases of the Code are released on statutory consultation (mid-2019 for regional council areas and late 2019 for metropolitan council areas).


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