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Regulation changes to ease restrictions on supermarket deliveries

23 March 2020

The South Australian Government has made moves to ensure the quick and efficient supply of goods to supermarket and grocery store shelves, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The government is lifting the planning restrictions which apply to a large proportion of supermarket and grocery stores around the hours in which goods may be delivered.

Due to unprecedented high demand as a response to the Coronavirus, supermarket and grocery stores need longer hours to stock their shelves.

The changes in regulations, which will apply up until 30 September, 2020, will ensure that they can more efficiently ensure the supply of products to their customers. They ensure that enforcement action under the Development Act cannot be undertaken where a supermarket accepts deliveries outside of approved hours.

The new rules will be in place up until 30 September, 2020. Operating hours will not change as a result of these new rules and will continue to be regulated under the Shop Trading Hours Act 1977.

Page last modified Monday, 23 March 2020