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June 2018
Sally Smith Sally Smith

This month I’d like to acknowledge the huge amount of effort being made by so many of you in the planning and development industry as our reform program ramps up and we look to put some of our key policy documents out on formal consultation.

We’ve been receiving some great feedback and contributions from individuals and organisations on early drafts of the State Planning Policies and P&D Code Policy and Technical Discussion Papers. We genuinely appreciate the great ideas that are being shared with us. Equally we are keen to hear if we haven’t quite hit the mark. Your involvement and collaboration will ensure that we can all be proud of the new planning system we will deliver for South Australia in July 2020.

We’ll be asking a lot more of you in the coming months when we release the draft State Planning Policies, our technical paper on Assessments Pathways and two of our policy discussion papers on Integrated Movement Systems and Natural Resources and Environment. But it doesn’t stop there, they’ll be closely followed by our discussion paper on Performance Indicators, the Accredited Professionals Scheme Regulations and Guidelines plus three more policy discussion papers on People and Neighbourhoods, Productive Economy and Design in the Planning System. 

The next few months are going to be really busy with lots of reading and most importantly lots of consultation and discussion with the industry and the community. If there are better ways that we can engage with you and get your input to these important documents please let us know. Your contribution is essential in helping to shape the future of our state’s new planning system.

Sally Smith
General Manager, Planning and Development

Message from the Chair of the State Planning Commission

Tim Anderson Tim Anderson

Implementation of the new Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 is reaching a pivotal milestone with the release of the draft State Planning Policies in a few weeks’ time.

The draft State Planning Policies (SPPs) are key instruments in our new planning system. In preparing these policies, the Commission considered the major challenges facing our State – including climate change, energy demands, infrastructure efficiencies, and affordable housing.

Ultimately, the SPPs will provide a framework for land use planning and development with the aim of improving the liveability, sustainability and prosperity of South Australia.

Previously, the State had a range of disparate state agency policy positions that were not well defined in relation to the planning system. We’ve worked collaboratively with government agencies and other stakeholders to redress this. The proposed SPPs are the result, and they will soon be open for public consultation, in accordance with the Government’s Community Engagement Charter.

To be effective, these policies must reflect the planning aspirations of the communities they serve: how do you want your neighbourhood to look and function, what are the critical ingredients of a healthy, vibrant and liveable community?

We look forward to hearing your views.

Tim Anderson QC
Commission Chair

The new Act is being applied at a pivotal moment in the evolution of South Australia’s history including:

  • restructuring of the State’s economy and trade
  • ever-changing demographic make-up 
  • the universal impact of new technologies
  • the fundamental need to conserve, in all respects – natural systems, cultural and built heritage, productive lands, liveable and vibrant neighbourhoods and communities.

In turn, these trends are leading us to live and work differently. Our cities, regions and towns can respond in a variety of ways, and we can influence this change positively through good planning.

For further information on the new planning system, and how to have your say, visit:, or contact the Commission, email:, or phone (08) 7109 7466.

Accreditation for practitioners - your views!

We recently asked for your early thoughts on the new state-wide Accredited Professionals Scheme which is set to boost confidence in professionals making development assessment decisions.

Under the scheme, accredited professionals will soon need to meet requirements for qualifications, experience and specialist knowledge - creating more consistency, transparency and accountability around development decisions.

Hearing a range of views from people and organisations has been incredibly valuable and our 'What We Have Heard Report' outlines the feedback received.

Later this year we will publish full details of the scheme for further consultation. This will provide planning professionals and the community with a final opportunity to have a say.

Early next year, the scheme will be established and later in 2019 all affected professionals will be required to be accredited under the scheme.

We also recently released our Accredited Professionals Scheme video. Watch it now.

Interactive maps - planning atlas for South Australia

It’s exciting times ahead as we develop our new online planning ‘Atlas’ for South Australia.

In the future, the interactive maps in the online planning atlas will allow everyone to search planning and development information across the state – and check and report on planning and development rules in areas, street and individual properties.

This will provide free, instant and up-to-date information on the latest planning rules.  

This innovative feature is being developed as part of the new online ePlanning solution for our state, which will be available to all from mid 2020. The new ePlanning solution will allow everyone to lodge, track and get decisions on planning matters online.

We look forward to keeping you updated as more information becomes available.

Car parking on local streets - your views!

The state government is conducting a review of car parking in local streets across metropolitan Adelaide - working closely with local councils to identify the causes of any parking problems and consider potential solutions.

Hearing the views and experiences of local residents across the metropolitan area has helped to shine a light on the multi-dimensional nature of our streets with amenity, traffic, parking, walking, cycling and play amongst the key considerations.

840 responses were received through an online ‘Your Say’ survey and two community focus groups. 

Following this wide ranging community consultation, we also hosted a Car Parking Summit attended by inner metro councils and industry to discuss key car parking impacts, perceptions and trends across the country.

A 'What We Have Heard Report' outlines the feedback received.

The State Planning Commission will use these important early engagement findings of the car parking review to inform future discussions on planning rules.

New tools ahead - a fair and equitable way to deliver infrastructure

New schemes will soon provide innovative tools to unlock community infrastructure investment across South Australia.

The schemes will create a robust process for delivering new community infrastructure by spreading the cost fairly and equitably among all beneficiaries, enabling it to be delivered on time and within budget.

This will help to renew neighbourhoods and create vibrant and affordable suburbs.

They can replace the need for complex infrastructure agreements with individual landowners which currently slows the delivery of new community infrastructure.

A number of pilot projects are underway and learnings from these will feed into recommendations for future use of the schemes.

By the end of this year, the state government will be delivering a toolkit to support scheme coordinators to select and deliver the most suitable scheme under the modernised system.

More information on the new Infrastructure Schemes is available on the SA Planning Portal.

Road closings - new consultation guidelines and information portal

Robust and modern consultation guidelines on road closings for planners and other relevant practitioners are now available, under recent changes to regulations (hyperlink) which move the public consultation process from newspaper to online.

A new web page has also been launched to provide information for people interested in the road closing process and all applications for road opening and closing.

Reminder - have your say on how the State's new planning rulebook works

Consultation on the operation of South Australia’s new single planning rulebook for the whole state – the Planning and Design Code - will close on Sunday 22 July.

A discussion paper on what it will include and not include and how it will roll out online is available now – please tell us what you think.

All feedback received will be highly valued – and it’s a great opportunity to contribute to the future planning rulebook for the whole of South Australia.

Watch our videos

Check out our latest videos on the SA Planning Portal. We now have a dedicated resources webpage that allows you to view all videos in the one place.

Currently you can watch videos on the Planning and Design Code, Community Engagement Charter, Accredited Professionals Scheme, Environment and Food Production Areas and State Planning Commission workshops.

We will be uploading more videos shortly.

We want to hear from you!

We would love to hear any stories or news you may have in the planning and development space – please submit any news which could be of interest to the Communication and Engagement team.

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