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October 2019

Aluminium Composite Panel Building Audits

Release of interim findings and recommendations

The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is coordinating a building audit in response to recent concerns regarding the use of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) on buildings. The purpose of the audit is to identify buildings that have been clad with ACP, determine the risk (if any) posed by the ACP and address any risks identified. Updates can be found on the SA Planning Portal.

Phase 1 - Identification

Phase 1 of the audit was delivered in collaboration with Councils and was completed in May 2018.

Phase 2 - Investigations

Interim findings and recommendations of Phase 2 are now complete. A Summary of the South Australian Building Cladding Audit has been released to provide further information about the findings to date and the Phase 3 commitments and timelines.

New appointment

Ms Wendy Campana has been appointed as the Cladding Response Coordinator, and will be liaising with relevant stakeholders during the Response phase of the Audit.

If you wish to learn more about the cladding process, Ms Campana will be speaking at a Property Council of Australia (PCA) event on Friday 1 November 2019. Further information can be found on the PCA website.

National Construction Code 2019 will be amended out-of-cycle

The Australian Building Codes Board is currently undertaking an out-of-cycle amendment for the 2019 edition of the National Construction Code (NCC). It will be known as NCC 2019 Amendment 1.

The amendment will include:

  • Enhanced fire safety measures for early childhood centres in high-rise buildings,
  • A defined term for 'building complexity' to be used for situations where extra supervision of design and construction is necessary,
  • Provisions that set out the process to be followed for requirements such as a Performance Based Design Brief, which will improve the quality and clarity of Performance Solutions for both approval and auditing purposes,
  • Clarification of existing concessions for low-rise Class 2 and 3 buildings,
  • Reference to a new technical specification for the permanent labelling of Aluminium Composite Panels,
  • other minor corrections.

Swimming pool safety changes under Planning Development and Infrastructure Act 2016

From 1 July 2019, swimming pool safety across South Australia became regulated under section 156 of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016. Information about these changes can be found in Advisory Notice 05/19.

As a part of these changes, Ministerial Building Standard MBS 004 also became operational state-wide:

MBS 004 - Swimming pool safety - designated safety features for pools built before 1 July 1993

Ministerial Building Standards now in effect for outback areas

The following Ministerial Building Standards became operational in outback areas on 1 July 2019:

MBS 001 - Upgrading health and safety in existing buildings

MBS 002 - Maintaining the performance of essential safety provisions 

MBS 003 - Fire safety in caravan parks and residential parks

MBS 004 - Swimming pool safety - designated safety features for pools built before 1 July 1993

MBS 005 - Additional requirements for housing on designated Aboriginal lands

MBS 006 - Modifications to the application of the Building Code

MBS 007 - Modifications to the Building Code of Australia 2019 edition

Ministerial Building Standards out for consultation

In conjunction with the release on 1 October 2019 of the draft Planning and Design Code for Phase Two (Rural Areas) and the draft Planning and Design Code for Phase Three (Urban Areas), the following draft Ministerial Building Standards were also released for consultation:

MBS 008 - Designated bushfire prone areas - additional requirements 

MBS 009 - On-site retention of stormwater

MBS 010 - Construction requirements for the control of external sound

These Building Standards are conversions of existing Minister’s Specifications, which will remain operational in rural and urban areas until such time as the Planning and Design Code becomes operational in those areas.

The closing date for consultation is 15 November 2019.

Submissions can be emailed to:

ABCB Advisory Note

The Australian Building Codes Board has issued an Advisory Note: Class 2 and 3 buildings, concessions for use of timber framing and/or non-combustible materials.

The Advisory Note explains the intent of the concessions in Specification C1.1, Clauses 3.10(a) and 4.3 (a) of NCC Volume One as they apply to residential apartment buildings (Class 2) and residential parts of hotels, motels, boarding houses and the like (Class 3), typically with a

The Advisory Note is available from the ABCB website

Regulation Roundup

To access the latest issue of Regulation Roundup, click here.

If you wish to the current edition of Regulation Roundup, you can access them by clicking here or by visiting

Training opportunities for 2019

Master Builders Association SA

The Master Builders Association of South Australia will be holding its quarterly information session on 9 November 2019. The information sessions allow attendees to connect with industry experts and receive updates on any changes in the building and construction industry.

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