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June 2020

Phase Two Planning and Design Code – On track to commence 31 July

The State Planning Commission has confirmed the Phase Two Planning and Design Code for South Australia’s rural areas is on track to commence on 31 July 2020.

From the date of commencement, the Planning and Design Code for Phases One (Outback Areas) and Two (Rural Areas) will be in operation and accessible via a modern ePlanning platform, which is an Australian first. The ePlanning platform includes the online Planning and Design Code, and Development Application Processing system.

This means that development applications for the state’s outback and rural areas can be submitted and tracked from the comfort of people’s homes, offices or whilst on the go using a mobile, tablet or computer. There will be clear and consistent planning policies across our state that are easily accessible and available to all.

The Minister for Planning the Honourable Stephan Knoll MP, has agreed to provide all South Australians with an opportunity to access the Phase Two Planning and Design Code in the new ePlanning platform before it commences in rural areas at the end of July. Members of the community will be able to access the Code from late June.

The Phase Two Code has been refined and improved following the two months of public consultation in late 2019. More than 230 submissions were received and over 70 consultation events conducted. All feedback was considered by the State Planning Commission and published in a What We Have Heard Report earlier this year.

The Commission has provided the Minister with an Engagement Report, under Section 73 of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act (2016) which sets out how the Planning and Design Code for the state’s rural areas has been altered following public consultation. The Minister has agreed to publish this report on the SA Planning Portal to support the release of the Code in late June.

When accessing the Phase Two Planning and Design Code in the ePlanning system, only addresses in outback and rural areas of the state will display results. Metropolitan and urban addresses, whilst able to be entered, will not display a result as the Phase Three Planning and Design Code has not yet been added to the ePlanning system.

The third and final phase is now underway and on track to be implemented later this year. The Commission is giving careful consideration to the many and detailed submissions which have been made and respects the efforts of people doing so. This new planning system will help shape the communities we want to live and work in both now and into the future. It will be a positive force for South Australia in the recovery phase of the COVID crisis.

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